Fluid Flow Consultants, Inc.

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Pipeline Surge Analysis & Multiphase Flow Consulting

We specialize in fluid transients and steady-state multiphase flow, and we have some 25 years and 100 completed projects worth of experience.

The advantages of retaining Fluid Flow Consultants to do the work are:

In order for us to give you a quotation, we need a sketch of the pipeline system showing how the various pipe sections connect, where any product injection sites (sources), product sales or strip sites (sinks), loops, pumps, valves, check valves,  DRA injection sites, etc. are located, and at least approximate data (pipe lengths, ODs, delivery (sink) pressures, source pressures, flow rates, DRA amounts, product size and sequence (for a multi-batch system), viscosities, specific gravities, pump data (curves, control and shut-down pressures, RPMs), valve types and closure times, etc.). Also, describe briefly the problem you are trying to solve. (For example, do the surge pressures exceed the pipe MAOPs if any of the MOVs (Motor Operated Valves) close? Are PRVs needed, and if so, where and what should their settings be?)

Cost and time estimates are free and obligate you to nothing.

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