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Surge Analysis Consultancy

Let Fluid Flow Consultants do a Surge Analysis of your gasoline, diesel, crude oil or other liquid products pipeline systems to avoid ...

The cost of doing a proper Surge Analysis is a "drop in the bucket" compared to the costs after such an accident, even if there are no serious or fatal injuries.

Experience Counts

Fluid Flow Consultants has performed Surge Analyses of some sixty pipeline systems. Our clients include:

Free Estimate

Contact us, give us a simple sketch, the basic data (line sizes, lengths, elevations, pump operating and shutoff heads, fluids' specific gravity and viscosities and operating supply and delivery pressures and flows) and we can give you an estimate of time and cost to do a surge analysis.

ABOUT our Software

If you have one of our older (more than a year old) programs, you should upgrade as we have made many improvements, added new features and fixed bugs. 

We have SINGLE-PC and NETWORK (LAN/WAN) versions.

NATASHA Family: The NATASHA family is comprised of NATASHA and NATASHA PLUS.  The NATASHA and NATASHA PLUS programs handle liquid pipelines AND NETWORKS of pipes with multiple sources, sinks and loops in both STEADY-STATE and TRANSIENT (Surge Analysis) modes.  NATASHA and NATASHA PLUS also have the following features (except as noted):

GENNET Family: The GENNET family is comprised of  GENNET-M and SIMPL2, both of which are Steady-State ONLY.  GENNET-M handles petroleum-based Multiphase mixtures in pipelines and NETWORKS of pipes (multiple sources, sinks and loops).  SIMPL2 is essentially the same as GENNET-M except that SIMPL2 handles only linear structures (1 source, 1 sink, no loops).  SIMPL2 and GENNET-M have the following features:


Questions & Comments

We are 'quick as a cat' in responding to our users' needs. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us by phone, FAX or E-mail (see contact information at the top of this page). It would help us if you would give us information on the types of problems you need to model.  Also, please send us the input file, that is, the *.NIN file for NATASHA and NATASHA PLUS users, or the *.GIN file for SIMPL2 and GENNET-M users.

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