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GENNET-M is a Windows program that calculates flow rates, pressures, temperatures, velocity and other related variables in a pipeline network system carrying petroleum gases, liquids, water and multiphase mixtures under Steady-State conditions.

The name "GENNET" is an acronym for GENeral pipeline NETwork program. Thus, GENNET models systems comprised of pipes and Pressure/Temperature-changing equipment (pumps, compressors, heaters, valves, coolers, fittings, etc.) connected together in any configuration. For example, GENNET-M can handle gathering systems, flare systems, distribution systems, fire-loop systems, branched and looped pipelines. GENNET-M (the "M" stands for "Multiphase" mixtures of gas, oil or condensate and water) will handle multiphase fluid Mixtures, single-phase Liquids and single-phase Gases too. 


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This page last updated: July 20, 2011